About the 21 in ’21 Endorsement Process

It’s endorsement time!

What’s the endorsement process and timeline?

Step 1: Apply for endorsement (July 15 through July 22)

  • Identify as a womxn
  • Have registered as a candidate with the Board of Elections
  • Showcase an active campaign website and social media channels
  • Commit to our values of gender equity as reflected in your campaign staff, civil discourse and an inclusive, transformative form of government
  • Showcase markers for campaign viability such as matching funds requirement in the July 11th filing deadline or a plan to meet matching requirements.
  • Be an active member of 21 in ’21 and attend at least 2 membership meetings in 2020

Step 2: Board of Directors’ screening interviews (August 3 through August 31)

Step 3: Membership and Board of Directors’ vote (by September 14)

Step 4: Endorsement results (by September 17)

  • Quality of Application
  • Quality of Interview
  • Evaluation of Support/Endorsements
  • Campaign Viability (Financial Health)

What about Ranked Choice Voting? Will you be endorsing multiple candidates in each district?

Who do I contact if I have questions about the 21 in ’21 endorsement process?

What are the benefits of a 21 in ’21 endorsement?

  • We have a strong network of elected officials, community leaders, membership, and sister organizations that will understand that our endorsed candidates are passionate and viable candidates in the race.
  • We will pair our top candidates with former female City Council members who can serve as invaluable mentors.
  • We will provide open “office hours” with former and current female City Council members to answer questions and connect with.
  • We have a tech-savvy and rapidly growing membership base who are eager to volunteer and support our top endorsed candidates, no matter the constraints of in-person campaigning in the coming election. From petitioning to text banking, we will actively develop opportunities to engage our membership to best support our top endorsed candidates.
  • We will provide our logo and endorsement announcement graphics to our top endorsed candidates in each district.
  • We will amplify our endorsed candidates through press releases, email blasts, social media posts, and dedicated exposure on our soon-to-launch website.
  • We will be your biggest fan, ready to help support, amplify and motivate endorsed candidates each step of the way, and will continue our commitment to providing high-quality training and networking opportunities!



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21 in '21

21 in ’21 aims to elect at least 21 women to the NYC Council by 2021, through fundraising support, political training, issue education and access to networks.