21 in ’21 Membership Endorses Sandy Nurse for City Council in District 37

21 in '21
2 min readFeb 28, 2020

21 in ‘21’s mission is to elect at least 21 women to the City Council, so we were thrilled to see women comprise the majority of candidates in the Special Election in District 37.

These women — Darma Diaz, Kim Council, and Sandy Nurse — are a strong slate of candidates who all bring incredible knowledge, vision, and a spirit of collaboration to this race. These qualities were evident in each candidate’s endorsement questionnaire, interview with our Board of Directors, and in their presentation to our membership.

Darma Diaz stood out to a large portion of members and the Board of Directors for not only her clear passion and connection to the district (a district she was born, raised, and raised her family in) but also for her very real commitment to uplifting women — 75% of her staff are women over 40.

Kim Council, also impressive, did not qualify for the ballot, though she would have also made an excellent candidate.

Sandy Nurse, a grassroots community activist, secured the majority of the membership’s endorsement vote with her breadth of policy knowledge and a well-articulated commitment to progressive values that are in line with the values of 21 in ‘21’s membership, and the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Sandy Nurse has received 21 in ‘21’s endorsement in District 37 special election.

We look forward to seeing how each of their paths of service unfold and are eager to see districts across the city continue to produce strong and inspiring slates of women candidates competing for the 34 term-limited seats in 2021.


Help Sandy Win!

There’s a lot you can do to help support Sandy’s campaign. There are canvasses scheduled for this weekend or sign up below to receive updates directly from the campaign. 21 in ’21 will also organize days of action — more details coming soon!

Saturday, Feb 29
10am to 1pm
Caffeine Underground, 447 Central Ave, Brooklyn

Sunday, Mar 1
4pm to 7pm
Caffeine Underground, 447 Central Ave, Brooklyn

RSVP for this weekend here.

Sign up here to get volunteer opportunities directly from the campaign.

Lastly, small dollar donations are critical for candidates running in the city. Please donate $10 now to help Sandy maximize the matching funds from the city.

If you know folx in District 37 — please spread the word!!



21 in '21

21 in ’21 aims to elect at least 21 women to the NYC Council by 2021, through fundraising support, political training, issue education and access to networks.